Bathroom Trends for 2021

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Bathroom Trends for 2021It’s fair to say that over the last year, the world has been turned on its head. The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought havoc across the globe, affecting pretty much everyone on the entire planet.

Typical pastimes we’d use to kick back and relax such as holidays, spa breaks and the use of leisure facilities have been put on-hold. Not to mention the pressures of homeschooling and working from home highlighting the need for us all to take some well-earned downtime. Yet it’s also brought a lot of things into closer perspective. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably completed more walks than ever during the three national lockdowns. As a result, we’re feeling that little bit closer to nature.

It seems many people feel the same. So much so, that the tantalising thought of a luxury spa break, combined with our new-found reconnection to the natural world, is inspiring two of the main bathroom trends for 2021. With more and more of us turning to our bathrooms for a relaxing, idyllic escape, there’s some great ideas and themes being put to eye-catching use. Oh, and the beauty of it? Your vision of a luxurious spa doesn’t have to be incompatible with a desire for a nature-oriented twist. The two can easily be combined.

Check out what’s hot for both bathroom trends in 2021 and feel free to mix and match!

Bring home that luxurious spa feel

Just picture it now. Relaxing in a super-comfy bathrobe after a luxury spa treatment in a 5-star resort, overlooking one of the Lake District’s picturesque views. It sounds like bliss doesn’t it? Though it doesn’t have to be out of reach. A lot of what’s in vogue for this year is inspired by our love of feeling pampered and you can bring that luxurious spa feel to your own home for 2021.

Fittings and Furnishings

Create the ultimate environment to kick back and unwind with the installation of some luxury fittings. Everything from waterfall showerheads and marble tiles to beautiful towel racks and natural finished consoles can help instil that tranquil, idyllic feel to your bathroom. Let’s avoid ruining the mood with too much clutter – it can quickly kill the vibe. Introduce some smart wicker baskets to store hand towels, soaps and lotions.
Bathroom Trends 2021
It’s not just about the grand statement pieces. Yes of course, spa-like appliances such as massaging showers and hydrotherapy baths are the dream. However, we haven’t all got the budget (or the space) to cater for these. That’s why the little touches can make all the difference. Light up some scented candles to create the perfect environment to unwind, or introduce a reed diffuser to do the same job. Deep, aromatic smells can quickly transport you to another world.

Don’t forget the mood lighting either! Soft lighting can really raise your bathroom to the next level, giving it a cosy, relaxing ambience. This year large, glamorous chandeliers, drum pendants and oversized floor lamps are all the rage, proving popular as statement pieces. Would you rather be able to adjust the brightness? No problem, dimmer switches can instantly change the mood of a room, helping you to relax in seconds.

Basins and Consoles

An eye-catching, intricate basin or console can add a touch of class to any luxury bathroom. As with all home investments, there always needs to be due consideration given to the look, functionality and how it would be installed. Oh and not to forget, the budget!

This year the classic white ceramic basin is set to be traded in for some colourful pastel and matte versions. Even the material is being reconsidered, with multiple options now out there in different materials such as glass and concrete.

Whatever you choose, make a bold statement that adds to the luxury spa feel you’re looking to achieve with your bathroom.


Whether it’s turning on the heating at home from the comfort of your office or seeing who’s at the door via your video doorbell, technology is slowly becoming embedded into the fabric of the modern day household. Why should the bathroom be any different?

This year, smart technology is set to prove very popular for customers across the board. Exciting devices such as mirrors that de-mist themselves, LED temperature displays and multi-device USB charging points are set to take bathrooms to the next level.

Do you know what we’re missing here? Music. A nice, relaxing song to soak to or an energetic, go-get-em track first thing in the morning can really help to lift your spirits. Many bathroom fixtures on the market now have in-built bathroom speakers that sync directly to your mobile phone. Perfect.
So sit back, relax with a glass of wine and let the technology do the hard work.

Get back to nature

“Biophilia” is the word being spoken around the industry. I know, we hadn’t heard of it either. Apparently it is our “innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life”. That makes sense, given one of the big bathroom trends of 2021 is to integrate nature as a central focus. How though?

The Look

First of all, many of us will be adopting stylish, blended schemes. A beautiful mural of nature can fit right in alongside the luxury spa look we were discussing earlier. Artwork and patterns can improve creativity and reduce stress, perfect after a long day at work.

If art isn’t your thing, but a dash of colour is, then it’s all about natural colours for 2021. Green cabinetry or plants can provide a positive link to nature, with their soft hues often generating a relaxing environment filled with peace. If that doesn’t take your fancy, consider more earthy, warmer tones such as rust, caramel and biscuit. They can be the antithesis of the cold, clinical look you can sometimes get with all-white bathrooms.

Consider natural materials too. Untreated timber can add a warm atmosphere, whilst blooms and foliage can introduce a lively, exotic feel. Instantly transport yourself back to the tropical beaches of Thailand or the crystal clear beaches of Mauritius. Talking of warmth, metallic fittings such as copper and brass can add to this vibe, instantly creating an eye-catching centrepiece.

Surfaces and finishes

Ah, marble. It has to be one of the most beautiful natural materials about. With its unique concoction of colours and markings, it can make any bathroom look crisp, clean and stunning. Adorn the walls or the floor with this jaw-dropping material for the essence of luxury.
Marble Bathroom finishes
If marble isn’t doing it for you, then maybe the introduction of dark stone will. This moody, mysterious look can provide a dramatic ambience to your bathroom, especially if used across the walls, floor and vanity units. There’s no doubt that it instantly makes an impact on anyone using the room and offers a startling but cool contrast when entering from a more colourful setting.

Do you want to infuse nature into your luxury spa vibe? Take a look at ribbed surfaces, especially on vanity units and cabinets. This cool, intricate look can provide a refined look to the bathroom, blending neatly into the surroundings but having enough about it to draw praise. It works particularly well on reeded finishes.


2021 is here and the luxury spa/natural look is in full swing. It’s been a difficult year and you deserve some pamper time. Treat yourself!

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