Five ideas to give your bathroom a refresh

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Five ideas to give your bathroom a refreshOver the past year we have all spent our time stuck inside noticing every tiny detail of our homes. Maybe you have come to the conclusion that it is time for a change.

Your home is your safe space so of course you want it to be the best it possibly can but it is hard to know where to even begin when redesigning a certain aspect of your house. Whether it is a new coat of paint, a good clean or even just a simple change, we’ve devised five ideas to give your bathroom a refresh.

New furniture

New bathroom furniture
Bathrooms. Just think how much they are used throughout the day, whether it’s as a space for the budding makeup guru or a pleasant retreat to rewind in after a hard day at the office. There’s no doubt it’s important that you keep your bathroom a relaxing and safe space to be in. A common concern when it comes to giving your bathroom a refresh is budget. How will I afford this? Will a refresh be cost effective? How can I achieve this on a budget? The good news is a refresh doesn’t mean having to break the bank.

There are a number of simple things you can do that will automatically make you feel like your bathroom has had a makeover. Start with a new shower curtain; this instantly adds new life into your bathroom in under five minutes. How about adding some posh towels to create a hotel quality feeling? Imagine stepping out of the shower feeling like you are on holiday every single day! Changing up the little things can often provide a refreshing touch. You don’t need a massive overhaul to refresh your bathroom, however sometimes it is nice to see more of a drastic change.


Bathroom Mirrors
We use them day to day, everywhere and anywhere, but how can they help refresh your bathroom?

Let’s be honest, even for the least vain of us, a bathroom is simply incomplete without a mirror. There is such a wide range to choose from which makes it easy to use them to add a little something extra to your space. Illuminated mirrors are a perfect way to add an extra touch of glamour and help to create additional mood lighting. How about making the most of today’s technology and investing in a bluetooth mirror? Brushing your teeth to your favourite songs certainly sounds something a bit different. Whatever you choose, mirrors are the perfect way to add light and increase the space in any bathroom.

Adding a wall mirror is a straightforward way to add dimension into your bathroom, not to mention they are gorgeous and come in all different shapes, sizes and colours to match your style perfectly! They are the most commonly used mirrors in homes and almost every household owns one. They are also a perfect way to add more storage into your bathroom. Attaching an overhead cabinet with a mirror to the wall is a win-win solution taking multi-functioning to another level. It’s where you can store all your supplies, add shelf space and have the luxury of a new mirror. Even just adding a standard classical bathroom mirror is the perfect way to change up the design of your bathroom. We all know the feeling of buying something new for a room; you spend the next however many weeks admiring it and what it has done to the space.


Bathroom Storage
The best part about storage is that it works for every bathroom – big or small. There is always storage that will fit perfectly and help you gain the most out of the space you have. Plus, there are so many ways to hit the refresh button on your bathroom – a big one being to be organised! Simply put, it’ll go a long way towards keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free. Our bathrooms are full of all sorts of necessities and there is a lot that is kept in there. Of course, it’s only natural that it can sometimes get messy and unorganised, making it a space you want to avoid. However, a bit of organisation and some fresh storage furniture is the perfect cure.

You need places to store towels, toothbrushes, razors, bathroom products, shower caps – the list goes on and on. What though, is the best storage to look at? It is important when choosing the right storage options that you think about the types of items you want to conceal; this will allow you to look into purchasing the right storage solutions for your space. Let’s start with adding under sink storage. This could be via built-in cupboards or drawers, which are always an eye-catching feature and an excellent way to add order to your bathroom.

Brand new wall hung units and shelving are also a good way to give your bathroom a comprehensive refresh. These are perfect if you are lacking floor space or space in general in your bathroom as they are an excellent space saver. Furthermore, they also offer a practical option to place items including towels and flannels so that they aren’t just left on the floor or abandoned on the radiator. Bathroom cabinets are something that most households already own, however it is good to keep them fresh and updated. For our experts here at Appletree Interiors, they play an integral part of the bathroom. They are the perfect way to accommodate a whole host of products and with today’s technology can become more of a feature as some even include LED mirrors.

New taps

Taps are without a doubt one of the most used components in the house, meaning they can quickly start to get dull after a lot of use. Adding some sparkle to your bathroom with shiny new taps is a sure-fire way to update your look. They can effectively make or break your final result. Never underestimate the importance of selecting the right taps to populate your space.

Picking the right tap can be a very fun process during the design stage as there is such a wide variety of different ones on the market to choose from. It is important to know what type of tap will suit your bathroom, therefore you need to keep in mind things such as:

  • Whether you want a traditional contemporary setting
  • What kind of water pressure you are dealing with
  • The design and shape of your bathtub or sink
  • The size and space that you have in your bathroom

Like many other products, there are an abundance of varieties and styles for taps, ranging from deck mounted taps for easy access all the way to wall mounted taps for a more contemporary style!

Tiling your bathroom

Tiling your bathroom
Tiles are a fantastic way to protect your walls against things like water damage and even toothpaste smudges. However the right tiling can transform both the appearance and feel of your bathroom. Just because they are practical doesn’t mean that they can’t look good. A little bit goes a long way and if done right can give your room a contemporary and stylish look with your own unique touch. Your existing tiles can be given a new life simply by having a good clean or regrouting. However if they are past this then it is time to invest in some new ones to give your bathroom a refresh. Tiles provide an opportunity to get creative with your space – consider not just the look but also their texture, colour and patterns.

It is important to choose the right design to coordinate with the overall theme of your bathroom. Plain tiles will create a more sophisticated and chic look whereas adding some patterned tiles is the perfect way to add character to your space and more of a vintage look. When it comes to tiling, always look down because the floor is just as important! They are perfect for a bathroom, creating a streamlined appearance. If space is something you struggle with in your bathroom then tiling on your floor is the perfect way to create a bigger illusion. You can also match the tiles on the floor and walls. They are the perfect way to give a modern, fresh look especially if your floor is starting to look battered or worn out.

There’s so many things you can do, that’s just five ideas to give your bathroom a refresh. If this is something you are interested in, then our experts at Appletree Interiors are ready to help give your bathroom the perfect refresh and turn it into a space that you love. For more enquiries, give our experts a call today on 01905 936260 or email us on We look forward to hearing from you and helping to create your perfect bathroom.