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We received this wonderful testimonial and photographic kitchen diary from a customer.

Day One
Finally, after 21 years of wanting a new kitchen and over a month of planning, the work begins. So glad to be seeing the back of those old kitchen units! We “inherited” them when we bought the house, definitely not our choice but had served us well over the years. Going, Going Gone! By lunchtime the kitchen was just a shell…. No going back now! By the evening the electrician had been and started putting in the wires for the new appliances, sockets and spotlights.

Day Two
Plasterers arrive.

Days Three & Four
Whilst the plaster is drying out it’s the floors turn, first the bonding fluid, then the next day the self-levelling floor goes down.

Day Five
New floor going down.

Days Six, Seven and Eight
Flooring down, plaster dried out. Time to get some paint on the walls and ceiling ready for the kitchen fitters…… a very busy weekend ahead.
The cupboards and appliances have arrived, it’s all coming together. Beginning to look like a room again and not a building site!

Day Nine
Another visit from the electrician to wire the spotlights up.

Day Ten
Kitchen fitters arrive today, now for the exciting bit watching it all come to life. Have we ordered the right cupboards? Is it all going to match ok?? All these question buzzing round our heads, we will soon find out.

Day Eleven
Real progress now. Is this really our kitchen?? Feeling really happy about our choices, love the way it all looks.

Day Twelve
Kitchen almost fitted. Only the splashback to come now…

Days Thirteen & Fourteen
Electrician has done all the finishing touches, wired in the hob and fitted all the new sockets. Blind has been chosen and ordered. Now to finish the decorating, move back in and learn how to use all the new appliances…… where did I put the instruction books?

We are both absolutely over the moon with the finished kitchen. It’s worlds apart from our old kitchen and we are really pleased with the choices we have made. Every time I walk into the room, I feel like I’m in the wrong house. Only one regret….wish we’d done it years ago!!

Julie Whittaker