Refurbishment or Brand New Kitchen?

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Let’s begin by taking a look at your existing kitchen to identify what you currently like and don’t like. For example, is your kitchen currently meeting all your family needs and is there enough storage space?

Refurbishment or Brand New Kitchen?

Knowing how you want your kitchen to work is just as important as knowing how you’d like it to look.

Therefore, if you require any additional cabinets or a rearrangement in the layout or, if there has been a change in how you’d like to use your kitchen, it’s best to go for a new one.

However, if your existing kitchen suits your needs practically, then a refreshing new look may be all it takes to renew your love of it.

Cost of Refurbishment

Refurbishments can work well but do bear in mind that part kitchen refurbishments such as adding new cabinet doors, could also mean that you’ll need to replace end panels, infills, corner posts, pelmets, cornices and plinths, etc., for colour matching.

What could appear to be quite a simple refresh job could be more complicated than you think.

It’s worth therefore, getting a quote for both a refurbishment and a brand new fit, as quite often there may comparatively not be much difference in the price.

There can be a lot to think about, particularly as your kitchen is likely one of the largest investments for your house.

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