The Best Design for Small Kitchens

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The Best Design for Small KitchensThey say, “the kitchen is at the heart of the home” and they’re so right. We’ve all laughed, cried, celebrated and made some incredible family memories in what has become an important part of our lives.

We spend hours in the kitchen every day, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. So why not make it as pleasant an environment as possible?

Of course, some of us have smaller kitchens than others and for certain designs, size obviously does matter. For instance, you can’t fit an elephant into a Mini Cooper can you!? Fear not, our experts at Appletree Interiors have put their heads together to come up with a list of design ideas for small kitchens. Let’s take your space to the next level.

It’s all about useable space

When you’re cooking up some culinary magic in a small kitchen, you’ll know that space is at a premium. Therefore, organisation is essential if you’re going to maximise the room to its full potential. Of course, efficient storage is all about practical and ergonomic use.
Many of our customers are opting for pull-out space towers and pan drawers, as well as cupboard inserts such as carousels. Not only do these allow you to store the optimum amount, but they also provide easy access.
The Best Design for Small Kitchens
Of course, there’s a whole host of other ideas that you can incorporate into your design. Are you tight for space? Consider a floating shelf or table that can fold flush against the wall when not in use. Voila, it’s there for extra counter or dining space when needed.

Another neat addition to your kitchen could be the installation of drawers inside cabinets. They’re easy to access, no problem to install and a lot kinder on your bank account than custom cabinetry.

Maximise the space you have

As a leading supplier of kitchens and bathrooms, we always make sure we’re constantly up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends. In recent years, kitchen storage has become even more versatile with floor-to-ceiling larder cupboards rising in popularity. We’ve also seen an increased use of plinth drawers which use the space beneath your cupboards. Handy right?

When optimising space for a small kitchen, it’s always useful to think vertically. Adopt a hanging pots rack as the focal point of your design, relieving valuable space in your cupboards and draws. Mounted knife racks are also a great way of opening up space on the worktop. Also, you might want to consider bi-fold cupboard doors. This excellent addition to the kitchen not only looks great but can be left open whilst you’re cooking. Products can then be taken and replaced without the doors getting in the way. Little extras such as spice-sorting racks can really help streamline the kitchen and maximise your storage facilities.
Maximise the kitchen space you have
The shape of the room is actually just as important as the site. With some astute positioning and attention to detail, you can quickly turn the structure of the kitchen to your advantage. Is there a neat little corner tucked away ideal for a place to dine? Think about installing a round table instead of a square. You’ll be able to open up more floor space and seat more people.

Finally, make use of every little gap and space you have. Gaps next to appliances can often offer great opportunities for slim, deep mini-pantries full of products such as spices, oils and sauces.

Space Saving Appliances

Continuing on the space-saving theme, when it comes to work surfaces, appliances can make a big difference. Rather than a modern, bulky kettle taking up worktop space, why not opt for a boiling tap instead? One manufacturer designs the hot tap so that the water tank is in the plinth – not the cupboard – meaning no loss of storage space. Plus, they deliver instant boiling water, meaning you’ll never have to boil a kettle again. Winner!

Nowadays, there’s a whole range of appliances that double-up to help the modern homeowner optimise every inch of space in their kitchen. From slimline dishwashers to wall-mounted microwaves, there is plenty of scope to save more and more space. Here’s a couple of our favourites:

  • The glass surface of an induction hob can go much further than heat up your soup on a cold winter’s night. It’s easy-to-wipe and can serve as additional real-estate for food preparation when not in use.
  • There are some great compact sinks on the market that come with a host of accessories including a stylish colander and chopping board cover. No doubt it’s a wonderful way to increase your worktop space.
  • Do you have an old, rather large radiator taking up what would be some valuable space on the wall? Consider introducing Plinth Heaters into the equation. They can be fitted underneath kitchen cupboards; an ideal place to heat the room from a low-level. Now remove that old radiator and fulfil the potential of that space!


A dash of colour can make a huge difference. Whether you’re going for a natural feel with the introduction of kitchen-friendly plants or you want to overhaul the room’s colour scheme, there’s numerous ways to make your kitchen feel bigger.
Add colour to your Kitchen
Light colours can play a major role in visually expanding the room, making it feel more open and bright. Alternatively, white walls can help reflect the light across the various surfaces in your kitchen, instantly making the space feel better. Don’t be scared to add some colourful appliances into the mix either. They can also help to make the space seem larger.

Visual Impact

Stay on-trend by introducing open shelves into your kitchen. Stylish but functional, they not only provide easy access to dishes and glasses, but also provide a feeling of more space in the area.

Lighting is also a big thing to consider. Contemporary lighting can take your kitchen to the next-level, providing that ‘wow’ factor for any visitors. Library lights and LED light strips can be fitted near cabinets and shelves, providing a clear, bright space or the necessary ambience under which you can give your food the magic touch.

We’ve discussed the walls, the ceiling and the work surfaces. Why doesn’t anyone ever consider the floor? Often forgotten, the floor is a valuable tool to make your kitchen feel bigger. Patterned designs in particular can often provide an illusion of increased size and space.
Avoid Kitchen clutter
Our last point? Clutter. We’re all guilty of it. Leaving containers on the worktop, not putting away the orange squash or allowing the pile of washing-up to get bigger. Ultimately, cluttered counters can instantly make a kitchen feel much smaller. Tidy your worksurfaces, putting things away in the dedicated drawers and instantly feel much better about your kitchen. To be extra disciplined, why not do a review of tupperware and mismatched dinnerware that hasn’t been used in months. You might just free up some more space!