Why should you use natural materials for bathrooms and kitchens?

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Why should you use natural materials for bathrooms and kitchensYour home is your safe place. It’s where you spend time with the people you love and are able to switch off from the world, so you want to make sure that it is designed in a way that suits you best.

With endless material options to choose from it is hard to know where to even start. Using natural materials is the perfect way to give any room a fantastic look, especially when designing bathrooms or kitchens. They allow you to give them a luxurious, classy and rustic charm and there are endless possibilities of where you can fit them. If this is something you haven’t really looked into, then read on to understand why you should use natural materials for bathrooms and kitchens. With the trend welcoming in a new era of in-home design, it is crucial to see the positive impact that natural materials can make to your home.

What are the benefits of using natural materials?

Natural BathroomEveryone has their own design style – all of our homes are different – it is how we express ourselves and who we are. When it comes to using natural materials in your home it doesn’t matter what your style or design preference is, there will always be a natural material that will look good when you incorporate it. Yes, you may have the fear that they do cost that bit extra however, these types of materials are much more sustainable and wear well which will reduce the need to buy them more than once. Have you ever thought about how what we surround ourselves with affects us? It actually has an impact on our health. It isn’t just about what we eat and how we exercise, it is about the atmosphere we create around us. Natural materials help create a healthy home which looks and feels good while creating a general sense of well being. Not to mention they are much better for the environment. We probably don’t realise how much time is spent in our bathrooms or kitchens but it is actually quite a considerable amount. So it is important to use materials that are going to add a warm and cozy feel – natural materials do exactly that. The design world is constantly changing and new ideas are always coming and going. One of the best reasons to use these types of materials is that they never go out of fashion and they look amazing whether you use one type or a mixture. So ultimately, they are and always will be trendy.

What are some of the best types of natural materials?

Natural materials really shine in a kitchen or bathroom and give a room a look that materials such as vinyl or tile simply cannot replicate. There are a wide range of materials available that can be used together or individually to create the design that you are looking for.


Marble BathroomMarble for your bathroom is a must. Whether you have marble countertops, baths or basins, it is the perfect material to give that touch of class. They are decadent, decorative and one of the finest ways to elevate your bathroom decor above anything any other material can do.


Stone is a great material to use for flooring and is perfect for both your bathroom and your kitchen. It is a hard-wearing material so if you have a busy home then this type of flooring is perfect for you. There is a huge range of stone to choose from so you will always have options.


Granite StaircaseThis is one of the most popular countertop choices for both kitchens and bathrooms; it is very common in these rooms but you just may not have realised that it is in fact a natural material. It works perfectly when paired with marble basins and baths in the bathroom or if you are edging more towards your kitchen then they work hand-in-hand when paired with stone or slate floors.


Modern Wood StaircaseWood for some may be thought of as quite plain and basic, however there are plenty of different ways in which you can use it within your bathroom or kitchen. It is perfect for splashbacks and cupboard doors. It can also be used to make an island in your kitchen or to add a rustic look by adding wooden tables and chairs.

It is easy to see that using natural materials within your bathroom and kitchen has many positive impacts. So to summarise, why should you use natural materials for bathrooms and kitchens? They are sustainable, a health conscious option and add a feeling of luxury and style to any space. They are a lot easier to add into your home than you think and are simply the best way to add warmth and charm.

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